making life easier in the kitchen

Technological advances are moving so fast today, if you blink an eye you might miss something. In every aspect of our daily lives technology is changing the way we do just about everything from driving a car to opening a jar. New advancements in the kitchen are coming out every year as well. Here we will look at just a few of them.

  • kitchen appliances

The appliances in our kitchen used to be simple and basic. The refrigerator kept things cold, the stove heated up our meals, and our dishwasher washed the dishes. But today, appliances are becoming smarter and smarter. Your refrigerator can tell you when you’re getting low on eggs or butter or when your milk and other perishables are about to expire. Many of your appliances can be operated and monitored anywhere from your smart phone and kitchen computers can keep track of just about anything.

  • kitchen cabinets

Although kitchen cabinets perform a pretty basic function, they can now be fitted with low-voltage led lighting, earthquake resistant hardware, easy-opening and soft-closing doors and drawers, motorized drawers, and better countertop materials. If you want to redesign your entire kitchen, a computerized kitchen design tool can help you design your entire kitchen with 3D images so you can make the best use of your kitchen space and see what your new kitchen will look like before hiring a contractor.

  • Kitchen Automation

Kitchen automation is now being developed to help with just about everything you do in the kitchen. Pans with built-in thermometers, crock pots you can turn on from your smart phone, and computers to help you with your recipes. Yes, robotics is now entering the kitchen. Products as simple as a jar opener that grips to any jar and automatically turns hard-to-open lids is available today at an affordable price. One company has invented a robotic system that can cook your meals for you and clean up afterwards.

The Future Looks Bright

If you like the idea of technology making your life easier, then keep a close eye on what’s happening with kitchen advancements and innovations. Who would have thought that the age of the Jetsons was actually possible? We are living in that age today and when you see what new inventions are going to be available very soon, you won’t believe your eyes. You can now tell grandma to take it easy.